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One Piece Chapter 1057-The Wano Country Heroes, Together as One

Final Curtain Falls on the Wano Country Arc!

One Piece Chapter 1057 Review/Recap It’s over, everyone. After four years, the longest arc in the story of One Piece, and likely one of its greatest, has come to an end. Kaido and … Continue Reading Final Curtain Falls on the Wano Country Arc!

One Piece Chapter 1019 Cover

General Franky vs. Triceracopter is the Most Metal Thing!

So One Piece just got back from the now expected two week break between chapters. And now they’re about to go on another two week break, since next week’s the start of the Olympics. However, Oda knows what to give us to keep us psyched up until then. In this case, we see Franky’s General Franky Mecha fight a, I kid you not, Triceracopter.

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