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The Owl House Season 2 Episode 18-Hunter Finally Has Friends

Hunter, from Golden Guard to Domestic Abuse Survivor

A Deep Dive into Hunter from The Owl House Most fans of The Owl House will agree with me when I say this: Hunter is a sweet cinnamon bun and must be protected … Continue Reading Hunter, from Golden Guard to Domestic Abuse Survivor

The Owl House S2 Episode 6-Hunting Palismen with Luz and the Golden Guard

We Finally Learn More About the Golden Guard and Belos!

I know that he’s only been around for a few episodes, but I love the Golden Guard. Voiced by the talented rising star in the VA Community, Zeno Robinson, the Golden Guard quickly became one of my favorite characters in The Owl House. Considering how this series already has memorable characters, that’s saying something. Young, talented, and highly skilled, the Golden Guard serves as a great foil to both his predecessor, Lilith, and to Luz, with the show seemingly setting him up to be her new rival. However, we actually knew very little about this masked character. Until this week, that is. This week sees us gain some big insight into who the Golden Guard really is. In addition, we gain further insight into Belos’ plans for “The Day of Unity” and what his endgame is.

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