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Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld

The Great VR War Begins

Gentlemen, thanks to the enemies meddling, the war for Underworld has escalated. It has now become the first Great VR War. Summon the supporting cast!

This is my way of saying that the War for Underworld’s about to get even crazier than it already is.

Night Before the Final Battle

I’ve noticed a recurring theme among stories that feature a climatic final battle between two opposing forces. Right before the big fight, there’s always a moment where the cast calms down and prepares themselves for what’s about to happen. Star Wars had their moment with Luke and Leia in Jedi; and Game of Thrones had a whole episode before the White Walkers attacked. Now SAO: Alicization goes through its own calm before the storm as the final battle for Underworld is about to begin.

Sword Art Online: Alicization-War of Underworld-Vector's Desire

Gabriel Miller, Gaming Sociopath

Sword Art Online has given us its fair share of villains over the years. While at are great hat sinks (*cough* Sugou and Quinella *cough*), I wouldn’t put them on a list of great anime villains. However, the exception to that has to be the big bad for War of Underworld, Gabriel Miller. I said that he’s a sociopath in my last post. However, it’s not until this episode that shows us how much of a gaming sociopath he is.

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