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One Piece Chapter 1079-Red-Haired Shanks, Divine Departure

Red-Haired Shanks Made the Biggest Flex Ever!

One Piece Chapter 1079 Review/Recap Okay, Red-Haired Shanks is officially the boss. Every time he shows up, stuff goes down, and fans go wild. When we last saw him, he was facing … Continue Reading Red-Haired Shanks Made the Biggest Flex Ever!

One Piece Chapter 1031 Cover

Sanji, For the Last Time, You Are Not a Monster!

Remember when Sanji started using that Germa Raid Suit, and how everyone thought that it was so cool? That may no longer be the case. On the one hand, it’s unlocked his latent super-soldier abilities. On the other hand, Sanji’s worried that it’s going to turn him into a psychopath like his brothers. As the fight for Wano reaches its climax, Sanji grapples with the notion that he’s becoming a soldier of science.

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