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Edens Zero Chapter 227 Cover Page

I Knew It! The Heroes Got Nerfed!

Edens Zero Chapter 227 Review/Recap Nerfing, or getting nerfed, is when something’s made weaker or worse than before. It’s a common term in video games used to describe a character or item … Continue Reading I Knew It! The Heroes Got Nerfed!

Edens Zero Chapter 163-Nero's Ether Gear, Wormhole

This Is Why You Never Underestimate the Elderly!

ruth to that saying. You should never underestimate the elderly, especially when they’re superpowered and capable of destroying entire planets! In this case, Shura learns a hard lesson: if he’s gonna do one over on his old man, make sure you’ve covered all your bases! This week, Shura’s master plan falls apart in front of him. As for Nero, he learns a lesson: don’t underestimate plot armor!

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