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Edens Zero Chapter 217 Cover Page

Rebecca Meets Her Parents

Edens Zero Chapter 217 Review/Recap Well, the Lendard arc is officially over. Ziggy is dead, Aconella’s dead, Deadend Crow’s dead, a lot of people are dead. What’s more, the true enemy’s a … Continue Reading Rebecca Meets Her Parents

Edens Zero Chapter 182-Homura's Gundam Warrior Attack!

A Gundam Reference Was Just Made in Edens Zero!

Edens Zero Chapter 182 Recap/Review Edens Zero has taken a lot of inspiration from other famous manga and anime throughout its run. Besides being a spiritual successor to Mashima’s previous … Continue Reading A Gundam Reference Was Just Made in Edens Zero!

Edens Zero Chapter 133 Cover Page

All right, Training’s Over. Back on the Road to Ziggy!

Pop quiz: do you guys know why sports movie or anything that involves a lot of training includes a montage? Because if we had to sit through all the training, then we’d get bored super fast. Also, given how risque some of the training the heroes of Edens Zero is, it’s for the best. This week, Edens Zero finishes its training, gets back on the road, and back on the hunt for Ziggy!

Edens Zero Chapter 129 Cover Page

Finally, A Smile of Hope from Kleene

After about four months of fighting, more fighting, and confronting emotional trauma, the Foresta Arc seems to be coming to an end. Ziggy’s mad plans for Foresta have been thwarted, the machines have come to their senses, and the whole planet can begin to heal. And mourn the ones they lost. In the long-term, this will lead to potential strife and discord in the Aoi Cosmos. However, in the short-term, the Edens Zero gained an important victory with the defeat of Muller. Now, for the first time, we get to see Kleene truly smile. And it is beautiful!!

Edens Zero Chapter 115 Cover Page

Shiki vs. Mora! Edens Zero Has its Next Fight

So, in my review of last week’s chapter of Edens Zero, I ended it with the realization that Nero’s Commandos could end up targeting Happy and Pino. You know, since there are orders are to destroy every machine on Foresta, regardless of allegiance? This is one of those moments where I actually hate being right about something, because it’s going to lead to more trouble for the heroes. Like the title of this chapter states, the Battle of Foresta begins!

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