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My Hero Academia S6 Ep 17-The Obsession of Toya Todoroki

The Messed-Up Story of Toya Todoroki On MHA

My Hero Academia S6, Ep 17 Review Wow; just…wow. I knew that the Todoroki family had gone through hell over the years, and I remember reading about this in the manga. … Continue Reading The Messed-Up Story of Toya Todoroki On MHA

My Hero Academia S5 Episode 23-Tenko Shimura: Origin

Something Out of a Horror Film. Tenko Shimura: Origin

The life of a superhero can be a hard one. Superheroes can save a lot of lives and become respected and renowned the world over, but it can also destroy their chance at happiness. An all-too tragic example was All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura. She left her son in foster care to protect him from All for One, only for her grandson to become Tomura Shigaraki. Even decisions with good intentions can lead to tragic consequences. Now, we get to witness first-hand the tragic origins of Tenko Shimura, the future Shigaraki.

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