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Rick and Morty S5 Episode 3-Space Beth Drops the Bombshell

Two Beths & A Jerry Make Out. That’s All I Need to Say

Rick and Morty S6, Ep 3 Review You know, when Rick and Morty first introduced Space Beth, I remember thinking, “Wow. Suddenly there are two Beths in one universe? Jerry’s going to … Continue Reading Two Beths & A Jerry Make Out. That’s All I Need to Say

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 "Never Ricking Morty

Rick and Morty Take Meta to a New Level

Against my better judgment (I’m trying to adopt a normal sleep schedule), I stayed up to watch the midseason premiere of Rick and Morty. As a result, I watched an episode that I can only describe as meta fourth-wall breaking high on pot. And the ending was enough to make what happened in Lost look sane.

Edge of Tomorty Gets Rick and Morty Back to Basics

Wubba-lubba dub dub, Rick and Morty is back, baby! Last night, Adult Swim’s mega-hit Rick and Morty made its grand return. It’s been 770 days since new episodes came on, and yes, Adult Swim kept count. However, as the bumper the channel showed right before the season points out, it’s worth the wait. After watching the premiere episode, Edge of Tomorty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat, I agree. Whereas other shows may start to grow stale, Rick and Morty finds a way to stay fresh while also going back to basics. Only Rick could do that.

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