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Edens Zero Chapter 246-Back to Red Cave

Back to Red Cave for Some Beach Time!

Edens Zero Chapter 246 Review/Recap Those who follow the work of Hiro Mashima know that he is fond of the art of fanservice. Some would argue that it’s to a potentially unhealthy … Continue Reading Back to Red Cave for Some Beach Time!

Edens Zero Chapter 111 Cover Page

Andrew’s Last Gift to Nadia

Well, it looks like the Red Cave Arc is over now. No big enemy to fight, just a major revelation about Mother and what kind of effect that she has on the universe. Also, remember how last chapter, I guessed that Andrew somehow got his hands on the treasure of Red Cave before he died? Called it!

Edens Zero Chapter 108- Opening the Door

That’s Why Red Cave is A Fire Planet!

Firstly, I’m sorry that this post is late, but the website that updates the chapters was slow this week. Secondly, when I heard that the planet of Red Cave was supposed to be a fire planet, I called it ironic due to its abundance of water. However, I know that Mashima was just messing with us. That he’d show us why Red Cave’s a fire planet. And as we watch Shiki and the others face their biggest hurdle yet, we see that this was an accurate classification.

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