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Monkey D. Luffy, King of the Pirates

One Piece Chapter 1000 Review/Recap Everyone, we did it! Twenty-three years, 97 Volumes, 14 movies, dozens of games, and a fanbase spanning the world. That’s how One Piece has come. … Continue Reading Monkey D. Luffy, King of the Pirates

One Piece Chapter 993 Cover Page

Kaido Finally Takes Things Seriously

At the end of my review of last week’s chapter, I said that Kaido had not yet begun to fight. That he had only been holding back against the Red Scabbards, which is why they were able to get in so many hits. It’s a standard trope in Shonen stories: the bad guy treats the heroes like an annoyance because only the main protagonist can stop them. It turns out that I was right to be worried for the Scabbards, as Kaido stops messing around and starts fighting seriously. Get ready for blood.

One Piece Chapter 978 Cover Page

Onigashima at Last

Bad news, guys. It looks like Shonen Jump will be releasing bi-weekly for the time being. I’m betting the COVID-19 Pandemic’s to blame. But that’s not going to stop me from reviewing new chapters of One Piece. After all, this week finally sees the Alliance come ashore at Onigashima. The war for Wano is about to begin!

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