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Edens Zero Chapter 156-Jaguar of the Oracion Seis Interstelar

What Do Shura and Ramsay Have in Common? They’re Nuts!

akes him ten times as dangerous. Worse, he’s got no loyalty whatsoever to his adoptive father, and this chapter proves it!

Edens Zero Chapter 155 Cover

The Winds of Edens Will Blow Evil Away!

When we last left off Edens Zero two weeks ago, the Rutherford siblings were locked in battle with Lyra and Callum of the Ocean’s 6. At first, their wind Ether Gear let them put up an impressive fight. However, Jinn got caught off-guard when he realized that Callum was his old sparring partner from his dojo days on Guilst. Thanks to that, the two were forced on the defensive as Callum started to turn Jinn’s body into mist! In order to win, the Winds of Edens will need to dig deep to unlock their latent power!

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