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Edens Zero Chapter 167-Elsie Crimson Shows Up

Edens Zero’s Hardest Lesson: How to Deal With Loss

Two days have passed since the loss of Witch, and the crew of Edens is still trying to cope with her death.

Edens Zero Chapter 165 Cover Page

Oh Great, it’s Foresta All Over Again!

Three times. That is how many times we have now seen a planet that Shiki and the heroes have been on come under threat of destruction. Firstly, we saw the Chronophage wipe away the filth of Guilst. Then, we saw the Muller almost destroy Foresta. Now, Nero 66 is about to be on the chopping block thanks to Ziggy. Worse, there’s nothing that Shiki can do to stop his grandfather. His only option now: run.

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