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Edens Zero Chapter 220 Cover Page

Flashpoint! Universe Zero, Here We Come!

Edens Zero Chapter 220 Review/Recap Have you ever heard of the story “Flashpoint” from DC Comics? Eleven years ago, DC Comics rebooted the DC Universe by having Flash reset the timeline, changing … Continue Reading Flashpoint! Universe Zero, Here We Come!

Universe Zero! The Hope of the Multiverse and Mother!

Edens Zero Chapter 219 Review/Recap From the moment Shiki left Granbell behind, his goal in life has been to find Mother. That goal never changed, not even after his alternate self became … Continue Reading Universe Zero! The Hope of the Multiverse and Mother!

Marvel What If...? Episode 1-Captain Carter

What If…? Starts a Cautious First Look at MCU Multiverse

There are two great tools to storytelling: what if? and the multiverse theory. The other great tool of any storyteller is, fittingly, the multiverse theory. The idea of an infinitely expanding number of universes lends itself perfectly to this. And the MCU looks ready to capitalize on the concept that’s been present in Marvel Comics for decades. With the end of the first season of Loki throwing the gates to the Multiverse wide open, fans of the MCU get their first glimpse into these new realities with the new animated series “What If…?” For its first outing, we get a fun, but relatively safe, story involving Peggy Carter.

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