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My Hero Academia S6 Ep 24-Uraraka's Resolve

Uraraka Left Us all in Tears in MHA!

When the public refuses to let Midoriya return to UA High, Uraraka steps in to give an emotional speech that leaves everyone in tears.

MHA Season 6, Ep 1 Opening

Let the Great War of Heroes & Villains Begin!

My Hero Academia S6, Ep 1 Review After a lackluster (and frankly, boring) fifth season, My Hero Academia returns with an absolute vengeance. Truthfully, though, Season Five of MHA was a prologue to the … Continue Reading Let the Great War of Heroes & Villains Begin!


MHA World Heroes Mission: Fun Film, Bland Villain

emember how excited fans were when My Hero Academia got its first film? Some of the most elite Shonen series have made it onto the big screen over the years; it’s like an unofficial sign of greatness. Now, MHA has its film cinematic outing available in the US, World Heroes Mission, and it opens us up to the world of heroes beyond that of Japan. Unfortunately, the villain this time around is neither charismatic nor memorable like other villains.

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