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The Owl House Episode 4 "The Intruder" Title

An Intruder Gave Me Noh-Face Flashbacks

In what may be the best episode yet in the series, Luz and King are trapped in the Owl House on a rainy day with a mysterious intruder hunting them. Can the two manage to defeat this creature? And will Luz finally use magic?

The Boiling Isles of the Owl House

Being the Chosen One’s Overrated

I’ve seen a lot of great stories that revolve around a special Chosen One meant to fulfill an important destiny. I think, from a cultural perspective, they’re meant to make everyone feel special and capable of being a chosen one. However, the last few years of TV seem to be going in the opposite direction, acting like prophecies and chosen one’s are bunk. Now The Owl House is following that route in its second episode. An episode which, I may end, seemed like a step down from the premiere.

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