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TagKnights of the Old Republic

The First Jedi Purge Begins

Fifty years of almost constant warfare finally catches up to the Jedi and Republic. Now the First Jedi Purge sees both on the brink of collapse. Learn more!

Revan faces Mandalore the Ultimate in the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars Star Wars

The Horrors of the Mandalorian Wars

Continuing our countdown to ‘May the Fourth’ and ‘Revenge of the Fifth,” I keep covering the Old Sith Wars era of Star Wars. My last three posts were about the Great Sith War that saw the return of the Sith and the Jedi put to the test. In the end, they won the won, but at a high cost. As they and the Republic looked to rebuild, though, a familiar threat emerged beyond their borders. That of the Mandalorians Wars.

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