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The Owl House S2 Episode 4-Eda’s Mom

Eda’s Mom Comes to Town, and Crazy Things Go Down!

When Eda’s Mom shows up at the Owl House claiming to have the cure for Eda’s curse, tensions begin to flare up amongst the residents. Will Eda and Lilith be able to reconcile with their estranged Mom?

The Owl House S2 Episode 3-Eda and Baby King

What is the Origin of King? We Finally Learn More in New TOH Episode!

Who, or what, is King? Ever since The Owl House began, fans have fallen in love with the diminutive little demon. Not the least bit because A.) he looks like a Cubone, and B.) he’s voiced by Alex Hirsch. But we actually know very little about who he is and where he came from, besides his ranting about himself. Well, after twenty-three episodes, we finally get some hints about the origins of King! And it. Is. HUGE!

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