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Edens Zero Chapter 124-Jelsie's Deadly Kiss

Jelsie, the Ship I Refuse to Board

So, I’m all for the concept of shipping fictional characters, but only if I think they have actual chemistry and I think they would work well together. Jerza in Fairy Tail worked well, so I ship them. As this chapter of Edens Zero shows, though, Jelsie may not work.

Edens Zero Chapter 118 Cover Page

Mashima’s Girls are Badass

I know that a lot can be said about the girls in Hiro Mashima’s manga. That they’re overly-attractive. He uses them for a lot of fan service. However, when you look past the excess fan service, you’ll notice that most of the girls Mashima creates have one thing in common. When things hit the fan, they become incredibly badass!

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