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Edens Zero Chapter 197-Homura and Brigandine's Final Attacks

Sorry for the Delay, But New Edens Zero Now!

Edens Zero Chapter 196 & Chapter 197 So, for whatever reason, last week, the website that I usually read Edens Zero off of failed to produce the weekly chapter. As a result, … Continue Reading Sorry for the Delay, But New Edens Zero Now!

Machines Have Hearts

The battle for Sun Jewel’s over, and the Scarlet Women’s been sent to a fate worse than death. Even though Sun Jewel’s free, victory’s soured by the knowledge of Valkyrie’s death. Now Shiki must break the news of Valkyrie’s death. If anyone still doubts it now, I think this chapter proves for good that machines have hearts.

The Strange Thief of the Slums

In the last chapter of Edens Zero, Rebecca was subjected to a humiliating prank by Labilia with the false promise of getting her to the slums to save Shiki and Homura. In the end, they did get the help of fellow B-Cuber, Nino. Meanwhile, Shiki fires the opening shots on a war against the Scarlet Woman’s rule when he defies her enforcer Garret to rescue Homura.

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