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One Piece Chapter 1081 Cover Page

The Blackbeard Pirates Aren’t Playing Around!

One Piece Chapter 1081 Review/Recap I’ve been saying for years now: the Blackbeard Pirates will be Luffy’s greatest obstacle. Two powerful crews that started around the same time and have turned the … Continue Reading The Blackbeard Pirates Aren’t Playing Around!

One Piece Chapter 975 The-War-to-Liberate-Wano-Begins

The Alliance Assembles!

In the last chapter of One Piece, the story finally returned to the present. We learned that Kanjuro was a spy for Orochi the entire time. Worse, the Scabbards got surrounded by the Beast Pirates and Momonosuke was captured. It looked like the end for the Alliance. However, we know better than that. Sure enough, the Straw Hat, Heart, and Kid Pirates showed up in their ships, ready for battle. The opening salvos of the war to liberate Wano are about to be fired!

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