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Edens Zero Chapter 224-Sister?!?!

Edens Zero is Now Off the Rails! Drakken Joe Returns!

Edens Zero Chapter 224 Review/Recap Well, that went completely off the rails. After the first two events in this grand reunion tour went well for the Crew of Edens, things are getting complicated. … Continue Reading Edens Zero is Now Off the Rails! Drakken Joe Returns!

Edens Zero Chapter 222 Cover Page

One Chance for a Happy World, Shiki!

Edens Zero Chapter 222 Review/Recap The original trio of Edens Zero did it; despite being separated upon arriving in Universe Zero, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy reunited on Granbell. They remembered their experiences in the … Continue Reading One Chance for a Happy World, Shiki!

Edens Zero Chapter 165 Cover Page

Oh Great, it’s Foresta All Over Again!

Three times. That is how many times we have now seen a planet that Shiki and the heroes have been on come under threat of destruction. Firstly, we saw the Chronophage wipe away the filth of Guilst. Then, we saw the Muller almost destroy Foresta. Now, Nero 66 is about to be on the chopping block thanks to Ziggy. Worse, there’s nothing that Shiki can do to stop his grandfather. His only option now: run.

Edens Zero Chapter 102 Cover Page

I Don’t Think Ziggy is Evil

Shiki’s grandpa Ziggy came back to life, only to attack Shiki and the others. Then he claims that he no longer sees organics as worth being friends with. And with the newly arrived Edens One, he plans to conquer the cosmos and have machines rule over all. And I don’t buy it for a second! I don’t think Ziggy is evil, but only time will tell.

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