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I Have a Fanfic and Patreon Now!

Hello, everyone! Jay of RJ Writing Ink here with two big announcements that I think you’ll be very interested to hear about. They both have to do with taking the next step in my work as a blogger and a writer.

In the Pale Starlight

When Marco returns to Mewni to spend time with Star, the two become closer than ever. Unfortunately, evil doesn’t rest, and the two friends find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Butterfly family. Warning: this Fanwork contains mature themes, language, violence and adult situations for mature audiences only.

I’m Now A Fanfic Editor

After reading fanfics for a while, I’ve realized that nothing grinds my gears more than seeing fan stories be hindered by poor grammar and spelling. Then when I found this one that combined the premise behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Star vs. the Forces of Evil, something in me made me compelled to step in and do something to help with its grammar and spelling problems.

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