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Edens Zero Chapter 223 Cover Page

Let the Edens Zero Speedrun Begin!

Edens Zero Chapter 223 Review/Recap They’ve been reunited; they got the ship; they even got Witch back. Now it’s time Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy to reunite the rest of the Crew of Edens and … Continue Reading Let the Edens Zero Speedrun Begin!

Edens Zero Chapter 102 Cover Page

I Don’t Think Ziggy is Evil

Shiki’s grandpa Ziggy came back to life, only to attack Shiki and the others. Then he claims that he no longer sees organics as worth being friends with. And with the newly arrived Edens One, he plans to conquer the cosmos and have machines rule over all. And I don’t buy it for a second! I don’t think Ziggy is evil, but only time will tell.

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