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Edens Zero Chapter 92 Cover Page

The New Sword Of Edens

Shonen Jump may be off until May 10th, but at least we still got Kodansha Comics. The new chapter of Edens Zero brings us closer to the climax of the Belial Goer Arc. What’s more, it shows how far Homura has come as she earns her title as the new Sword of Edens. I’m so proud of her!

Edens Zero Chapter 91 Cover Page

Drakken Joe is a Zombie!

Ever since we learned about Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, I’ve been wondering why Drakken Joe wants it. At first, I thought it was for obvious reasons. Having a power that acts as a reset button would make him unstoppable. However, the reasons may be more, desperate, as it were. At least, that’s what we learn in this new chapter of the manga as Homura faces down Sylph.

Hermit Wrecks Newb Sniper

In case it wasn’t clear in the last few chapters, the second attempt of Edens Zero to take down Drakken Joe is going to be the one that succeeds. How do I know? Because I’ve seen and read Mashima’s work long enough to recognize patterns in his stories. At this point, we’re now entering the point where the supporting heroes clear out the cannon fodder like badasses. Case in point, little Hermit wrecks Fiery Fie.

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