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Edens Zero Chapter 153 Color Page

I Was Right on the Money About Lyra!! She Cheats!

As Rebecca tries to figure out how Lyra has the upper hand on her, she realizes that Lyra’s cheating! Can Rebecca outwit the Ocean’s 6 member?

Edens Zero Chapter 151 Cover

Rebecca’s Playing a Sadistic Form of Strip Poker!

Okay, I know that Hiro Mashima seems determined to make Edens Zero darker and edgier than his previous works. But now it seems like he’s just determined to put the heroes through the ringer as many times as possible. First, Rebecca jumped to the future to learn she’s in a coma and lost her legs. Then, she wakes up to find that Lyra of the Ocean’s 6 has her dressed like a bunny girl and forced to play a card game in front of a live audience. And now, we find out just how bad things will get for her if she loses. And they are bad!

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