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Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 11- A Fight Worth Fighting For Return of the Joker

Return of the Joker (Not the Movie)

So how does the Joker react to the fact that he just spent six months in his version of hell? He freaks out, but then realizes it wasn’t so bad

Harley Quinn Season 2 Episode 10- Dye Hard

Harley Quinn Meets Die Hard, Or Dye Hard

Well, after last week’s lackluster episode, I’m happy to say that Harley Quinn is finally getting back on its feet. With less than three episodes left in the season, now’s the time to start tying the show’s plot threads together. And man, does Harley do it in style! Grab your best clothes, because it’s time for Harley to do Die Hard. Or in this case, Dye Hard.

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