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Amphibia-Rainy Day Chores

Plantar Family Fun Time

So far, Amphibia has proven a worthy addition to Disney’s line-up, and I intend to keep writing about it for every episode. In this episode, we place our focus back on how Anne fits in with the Plantar family.

Begun, the Shipping War Has

So far, Amphibia’s focused primarily on the relationships between the Plantar family and Anne. There was the thing with Mayor Toadstool, but that’s about it. Today’s episode, though, helps grow the world of the show in two ways: a new addition to the main cast, and build on the overarching plot for the first time since the pilot. Just like Gravity Falls used to.

Taking Charge of the Domino Effect

Hi, I know that this review’s a few days light, and I apologize. I’ve been busy doing all my remaining posts for the Marvel 30-Day Challenge, and then my work for Pride Week. At any rate, this episode of Amphibia sees Anne deal with some reminders of home. Both times don’t end well, and involve Hop Pop.

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