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Amphibia S3 Episode 14B-Farewell, Friends

The Story of the Calamity Box Revealed

Amphibia S3, Episode 14A/14B Review We thought that the appearance of the Mother of Olms was going to be a big reveal on Amphibia. However, that episode ended up paling … Continue Reading The Story of the Calamity Box Revealed

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 1-Meet the Plantars

Amphibia Eases Us into New Normal With S3 Premiere

Colors,” broke the Internet. It may as well have been a lifetime for the fans, though, given all that happened. Anne has magic superpowers now. Her, Sasha, and Marcy’s friendship is worse than ever. Anne and the Plantars are on Earth. Did I mention that Anne has superpowers now? It’s crazy! How does top something that monumental? If you’re Amphibia, then you don’t. You ease the viewers into the new status quo, the new normal.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 8- Lost in Newtopia- Robot Returns

The Journey in Amphibia Continues in Season 2!

Continuing with our recap of Amphibia, season two saw the show leave the confines of Frog Valley and show us the world of Amphibia at large. As Anne and the Plantar’s look for a way to get her home, they embark on adventures that they can’t even begin to imagine…and heartbreak that will haunt them forever…

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