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Amphibia Season 3, Episode 13A-The Prophecy From the Intro

Sage Advice from the Mother of Olms

Amphibia Season 3,Episode 13A/B Review We are now in the endgame of Amphibia, people, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to be a finale to remember. Anne and the … Continue Reading Sage Advice from the Mother of Olms

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 20-True Colors

Disney’s Darkest In Years! Amphibia Ends S2 On Highest Note

In the season finale to Amphibia, Anne and the others are finally able to return home. However, when Sasha and Grime reveal their plans, a series of revelations shatters the world of Amphibia like never before as things are changed forever.

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 19 Cover

I Need the Amphibia Soundtrack on ITunes! NOW!

Okay, I’ve been saying this for close to a year now, but I need the soundtrack for Amphibia on ITunes! And I need it now, because this show’s got some crazy awesome beats to it. But before I go all fanboy, it’s important to note that this is the penultimate episode to the second season of Amphibia. On the surface, it may look like another light-hearted episode. However, when you remember the fact that the season finale will likely see Sasha turn on Anne once more, possibly even Marcy, then it makes this episode all the more heartbreaking. It’s the final moments that Anne, Sasha, and Marcy will likely have as friends for a long time before things get really, really dark.

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