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This is where I post links to the various articles and blogs that I have done for other people, and give a brief summary of them. My FANDOM posts are in a separate location.

Is Fallout 76 Multiplayer Only? Here are the Facts-This is an article that I wrote for a gaming news website called Gamers Decide. I address the question of whether or not Fallout 76 can be considered a true Multiplayer game. The short answer: it is multiplayer only. The long answer is that it is unlike many other online games of its nature. For one thing, Bethesda decided to take a daring risk by getting rid of the NPC’s. Aside from the enemies, everyone you encounter in the game is going to be another player. While that it is meant to encourage player interaction, will it end up backfiring on Bethesda or will it give rise to new, creative ways to play?

Is Spider-Man PS4 Worth It?– We’ve had Marvel’s Spider-Man for two months now, plenty of time for many of us to finish the game and move on to the DLC. So now that we’ve had time to get used to it, I want to hear people’s thoughts: is the game worth it’s hype? To me, this has been the best Spider-Man game that I’ve ever played, and I can say that it was worth the money I spent on it. When I wrote an article about this, I had to struggle to find anything that I thought was wrong with the game!

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