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Game of Thrones

This page is dedicated to collecting all of my articles and writings about one of the greatest shows of all time, Game of Thrones. I pray to the Old Gods and the New that you guys enjoy it. And the musical accompaniment.

We Prepare for the Storm: My Game of Thrones Plans: Pretty self-explanatory

For the Throne: Talking about the Trailer for the Final Season of Game of Thrones– Just some things that I wanted to unpack about the final season to one of the best shows to ever grace television.

You Either Win or You Die- We go back to the beginning to look at the 6 Most Important Deaths in Game of Thrones, Season One

Let the Game Begin– My seven favorite moments from the first season of Game of Thrones

The Game Begins in Earnest– As the War of the Five Kings begins, I count the 6 biggest deaths in Season 2

The War Begins– Season 2 saw Westeros descend into war, and here are my 7 favorite moments from it all.

Dear Lord, What Just Happened?– 6 Biggest Deaths in Season Three. And Yes, the top spot is what you think it is.

The Game Changes– Season 3 was what shook up TV forever. Here are the 7 biggest moments from this legendary season

A Storm of Betrayal and Intrigue– I had a hard time settling on 7 moments for Season 4, but I think I did a good job.

Some People I Hate Kick the Bucket– 6 memorable deaths from Season 4. Three made me smile, one made me cry, one shocked me, another made me scream.

The Best of the Least Favorite– I hated Season 5, but I still found some good moments in this season.

When All the Fans Cried in Agony– We all know who’s at the top of this list for Season 5.

Winter Has Come– I misplaced my list of favorite moments for Season 6, but I still have this. A lot of these deaths made me smile.

The Storm is Upon Us– Season 7 is here, and I upgraded my list to my 8 favorite moments.

One of the Most Hated Characters Dies– Now that the show is over, Season 7 has my favorite character death. Here are the other five, as well.

Welcome to Winterfell– Season 8 started off slow, but it had such promise.

The Night Before the Storm– The long-awaited battle with the White Walkers is upon us. This is the prologue to the fight the show’s been building up to.

A War of Ice and Fire– In hindsight, I think they could have pushed this fight back closer to the end of the series.

This Show Still Has Teeth– After the war against the White Walkers, I was only following the show to see how it ended.

Everything Burns– Great visuals, great camera effects, horrible writing. The show jumped the shark right before the finish line.

Our Watch has Ended- Not the finale we wanted.

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