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FANDOM Writings (Links to FANDOM)

Due to FANDOM shutting down their Contributor Program on February 26th, 2019 (to my dismay), I have decided to move all my FANDOM writings here, to my blog. In that regard, I renamed this page to FANDOM Writings (Links to FANDOM). Click here for the page to find my re-postings on the blog.

I don’t just have my own blog. I also write articles for FANDOM, which is essentially a pop culture hub for the Internet. Click the links to see all the articles that I have done!

5 PC Games That Are Worth Replaying– Ahh, this was my very first article. Good times!

These 6 Amazing Manga Are on Kindle– Now if only they had Gantz…

5 Cartoon Shows That Ended With a Bang– Watching the series finale to A:TLA was one of the best nights of my life.

What the DCEU Can Learn From ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’– As soon as I saw the movie, I knew I had to write this.

5 Sweetest Ships From ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening’– This one was a surprise hit on FANDOM. It even got under the trending section. Pretty cool.

7 Mathematical Moments From ‘Adventure Time’– I had really wanted to get this up in time for the finale, but circumstances were against me.

5 Video Games That Did Their Cartoons Justice– Good times.

5 Most Memorable Classic Nicktoons Halloween Specials– This was gonna be part of a series of articles for Halloween, but then I got too busy and just scrapped the idea. Maybe next year.

7 Characters ‘DBZ Abridged’ Did Better– Team Four Star really is hilarious and you will quote everything they say.

FANDOM 100 Villains 2018– FANDOM countdown of the most searched for villains of 2018. I wrote #68 The Lich and #42 Azula

Original vs Super: Who’s the Best Broly in Dragon Ball?– This was one of my favorite articles. I give my take on which version Broly was the best, and if you saw my review of the movie, you will know how big this was to me.

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