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The First Dark Lords of the Sith Come to Power

Birth of the Sith

Star Wars: History Abridged– The Origins of the Sith Lords The Sith, the ancient order of Dark-Side users bent on galactic domination. For forty-three years, their members have been amongst … Continue Reading Birth of the Sith


The Mandalorian Starts With a Bang

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilms, and with it, Star Wars, I’ve kept a skeptical eye on where the company takes the franchise. Then they axed the Expanded Universe and thirty plus years of extra content that they’ve yet to make up for. They may have given us Thrawn back, but I won’t be satisfied until I see the return of Revan! However, I think Disney’s starting to step up, and a big example would be the new show, The Mandalorian.

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