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Anne’s Frog of the Year

Anne’s journey in Amphibia is about to take a drastic turn in this episode as she becomes Frog of the Year. First, though, a scary story!


Maddie is the New Janna

We only have three episodes left in the first season of Amphibia, and the show’s covered almost every primary and secondary character on the show. They even covered Wally in that awesome Moss Man episode. The only one left to get time in the spotlight is Maddie, the baker’s daughter that got engaged to Sprig. Since Sprig likes Ivy, though, he’s been avoiding Maddie. Time for an awkward break-up and curse!

Enter the Toads

At ten episodes in, Amphibia’s first season is at its mid-way point. It’s done an excellent job of building up its cast and the basic premise of its world, but a show like Amphibia can’t stay small forever; it has to grow. In what’s likely the most crucial episode yet, Anne’s world gets a little bigger when she meets the Toads.

Begun, the Shipping War Has

So far, Amphibia’s focused primarily on the relationships between the Plantar family and Anne. There was the thing with Mayor Toadstool, but that’s about it. Today’s episode, though, helps grow the world of the show in two ways: a new addition to the main cast, and build on the overarching plot for the first time since the pilot. Just like Gravity Falls used to.

Life With the Plantars

Disney’s committed to making sure Amphibia’s their big cartoon of the summer. Every Monday to Thursday from now until July, they’re airing a new episode of Amphibia. So far I am loving it, and I love watching Anne exploring her relationship with the Plantars in today’s episode.

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