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About Me

I’d prefer not to use my real name on this blog, so I came up with a pen name. Here, you can call me Roderick J. Fritz, or just “Jay” for short. There’s a story behind that pen name; and maybe, when the time is right, I’ll tell you about it.

READY PLAYER ONE - Dreamer Trailer (screen grab) CR: Warner Bros. Pictures
Ready Player One: a giant candy/video game/comic book store for geeks.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s sink our teeth into what I do. There are a lot of things I love in this world, but a big one is pop culture. Books, movies, video games, comics, cartoons, the whole nine yards. And I’m ready to share that love with everyone in the world.

I may not be that good at drawing, but I am superb at writing.

People I know have been telling me for years that I am good at writing, and if you’re good at something and you like doing it, you should try and turn it into a career.  So I’ve started working to become a freelance writer. I have already taken a huge first step: I’m part of FANDOM’s contributor program. What is FANDOM, you ask? FANDOM’s a website dedicated to the latest news about pop culture. They also serve as the hosts to countless wikis about pretty much everything.


Yeah, and they a contributor program where people can submit article ideas, write them, and then have them published. It’s a great way to build up a portfolio. I’ve gotten several articles already published. The cool thing, though, is that one of my articles ended on FANDOM’s trending list for a while.

I Never thought this would get so big on FANDOM.

I wrote this article on what I thought were the five best ships from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and it just got insanely popular. I didn’t even expect that to happen, but I’m glad people read it so much. It was nice, and I’m happy it happened.

This blog actually started as a place where I could put links to the various articles that I’ve done for people; not just for FANDOM, but any client I’ve worked for. However, in early 2019, the FANDOM Contributor program got shut down. Then I got a full-time job, so I didn’t really need to write for hire anymore.

But now I want to use it to write my ideas that I can’t write about anywhere else. Ideas like:

  • Movie reviews
  • Game reviews
  • Manga recaps
  • Big news in pop culture
  • Anything I want to write about

So, that’s basically the concept behind this whole blog. If you want to see my FANDOM writings, check out my page on that. I also have a page for my other writings from some clients.

Citizen Nappa Movie Producer
I’m a huge fan of TeamFourStar. Especially their version of Nappa

One last thing: I also have a small-time YouTube channel that I’ve been running for a few years. It’s called Jungoguy, and its where I play video games and do commentary on them. Come check it out if you’re ever interested!

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