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How is Ziggy in the Past?!?

Edens Zero Chapter 264 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 264 Review/Recap

At this point, Edens Zero plot is confusing more and more readers. The flashbacks to 20,000 years ago have been revealing what fans can assume were the past lives of the Shining and Dark Stars but with little to no context. There’s a theory that these flashbacks are leading to the creation or discovery of Mother, but there’s little evidence to support it. Now, those flashbacks have introduced Ziggy. This is despite the fact that Ziggy was revealed to be an alternate, future version of Shiki. 

There’s a lot we don’t understand, and fans are starting to demand answers. 

Edens Zero Chapter 264 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 264-The Hack is Located
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Laguna passes out after defeating Law, while the rest of the Crew of Edens is busy with their own battles. With seven minutes left before the ship explodes, Hermit resorts to desperate measures. She messages the other Shining Stars and asks for authorization to use Override. Doing this will forcibly shut down the Edens Zero, stopping the self-destruct. However, everyone save for Sister is too focused on fighting to give authorization. Rather than sit around and wait, Weisz decides to find an outlet in the hangar and jump into the digital world and beat Killer. He wants payback from what happened at Lendard. 

Edens Zero Chapter 264-Void is Going to Kill Mother
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

Meanwhile, Shiki and Rebecca make it deeper into the Edens One and find they can’t use the latter’s fighter anymore. As the two rib each other for their mutually reckless actions, though, Shiki senses a powerful and evil kind of Ether. To their horror, they both realize that it’s Void. As Wizard reveals in his fight with Witch, Void’s flying ahead to reach Mother before the others can so he can kill her.

20,000 years in the past, the world is in the throes of Armageddon. As society crumbles and the skies darken, Ziggy the Demon King steps foot onto this dying world.



At this point, I’m even more confused than I already was. Is that android really Ziggy the Demon King? Because I was under the impression that Ziggy was a version of Shiki that got sent to the future and became a machine. How could he appear 20,000 years in the past? It doesn’t make sense! Mashima needs to start explaining things and do it now!

Lets review everything we know: 

20,000 years ago, a planet that looks like Earth was on the verge of dying. Despite the best efforts of people like Mio, P!Killer, and Yuna to make the planet Overdrive, the worst came to pass. Now, Ziggy, or a machine that looks like him, has appeared. However, it was already shown that Ziggy was an alternate version of Shiki. So either that’s no longer true, or Shiki was never the original Ziggy to begin with. Either that, or Ziggy managed to travel that far into the past and can’t remember it. Either way, this is some timey-wimey stuff going on. 

I have no clue what’s going to happen next, but Mashima is starting to frustrate me with the flashbacks. I want to know what’s going on with the past and how this has to do with Mother, the Shining and Dark Stars, Shiki, and Ziggy. Not even Eichiro Oda confuses us as much as he is with this. At least Oda drops hints that fans can follow in One Piece

Get your act together, Mashima, and explain this stuff. This is the final battle, and we barely understand what’s going on anymore!

I Give “Override” a 2/5

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