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Now Laguna has Overdrive, Too!

Edens Zero Chapter 263 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 263 Review/Recap

The fight aboard the Edens One continues! Shiki would’ve fallen at the hands of Lightning Law had it not been for the intervention of Rebecca using her time-powers one last time. However, with Law remaining a threat, it’s up to Laguna to face him while Rebecca and Shiki head further into the ship. And, not only does Law become the latest member of the Crew of Edens to unlock Overdrive, it gives him a new set of powers. The kind that are very similar to a certain ice-wielding wizard from Mashima’s other work. 

Edens Zero Chapter 263 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


As Law remains surprised that Laguna turned his bots into water, the water-user says that he’ll be next. Even though he seems to be at a disadvantage due to water conducting electricity, Laguna soon turns the tables on Law. His water can also short-circuit a machine like Law, meaning that he’ll take just as much damage. As a result, the fight becomes one of attrition, with both sides equally matched.

Until, that is, Laguna manages his unlock his own Overdrive form, allowing him to convert his water into ice. Law puts up a final stand as he says the dream of human-machine coexistence to be dead, only to get rebutted by Laguna as he slices him up with his water.

Meanwhile, in the vastness of space, Xiaomei watches over the fight between the Edens, musing if this is where Edens Zero will meet its end. However, she’s interrupted by the thoughts of Mother. Calling Xiaomei Luna, Mother asserts her belief that the Edens Zero will be the heroes who will save reality.


There isn’t that much to say about this chapter, really. On the one hand, I was a little surprised to see Laguna enter Overdrive for the first time. Moreso considering how he now has the same ice powers as Gray Fullbuster from Mashima’s previous work, Fairy Tail. All he needs to do is lose the shirt, and he’ll be just like Gray. 

The biggest surprise, though, was the appearance of Mother and Xiaomei. It’s already established that Xiaomei’s met Mother in the past. However, this is the first time they’ve talked to each other. There’s also the matter of the threads coming out of Mother’s body attaching her to her asteroid/throne. I don’t know why, but they seem to be how Mashima’s showing how her life is in danger. The most interesting thing, though, is how Mother called Xiaomei “Luna.” I don’t know why, but that name feels like it’s going to be important in the future. 

A ‘meh’ chapter, overall.

I Give “Luna” a 3/5

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