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Mosco Gets His Button Pushed

vEdens Zero Chapter 260-Cosmo the Space Butler

Edens Zero Chapter 260 Review/Recap

From the moment of his introduction, two things about Mosco have stood out to readers. Firstly, there’s his complete subservience to Sister Ivry of the Shining Stars. Secondly, the big, red button on his stomach that says “Don’t Push.” Sister’s told everyone never to push that button under any circumstances, but never explained why. I speculated that it might be some sort of deus ex machina last resort Mashima saved for the grand finale. It seems that that prediction proved to be accurate. What I don’t think anyone expected is the end result would be. Or the effect it would have on Sister Ivry.

Edens Zero Chapter 260 Cover Page
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics


After getting stumped by Happy not being a robot in Universe Zero, Clown opts to outright kill him. As he berates his apparent uselessness, Mosco says there’s one thing he can do: he needs Happy to press his button.

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Push the Button
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

Sister freaks out when she hears Mosco say this and tries to order Happy not to press the button. However, Mosco insists that he do so. Left with little options, Happy puts his faith in Mosco, and pushes the button.

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Happy Pushes the Bell
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

As everyone watches, Mosco undergoes an incredible transformation into an entirely new being, blowing away the poison in the process. This is Cosmo, the space butler. And as soon as Sister talks to him like she normally does, he disciplines her. And she likes it! 

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Sister Turns into a Total Sub
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

As Happy and Clown watch, flabbergasted, Cosmo turns his attention to the latter. For trying to hurt Sister, he subjects Clown to an electric bondage treatment. 

In the past, Ivry laments on her inability to get better, with P! Clown offering her another solution: Ether Therapy.

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Ether Therapy?
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics


Of all the things that I expected would happen when someone pressed Mosco’s button, I didn’t expect this. Instead of some sort of super-powered, last resort form, we got a suave butler dom. 

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Cosmo Doms Clown
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

At least this explains why Sister was so desperate to keep Mosco the way he was. The fact that Cosmo managed to dominate her so thoroughly, and have her enjoy it, must be the embarrassing thing in the universe for her. She’s always prided herself on being this sadistic dominatrix, and the fact that she ends up drooling like this thanks to Cosmo? 

Edens Zero Chapter 260-Cosmo the Dom
Source-Mangasee, Kodansha Comics

It also happens to be something that I find incredibly hilarious. To think that super-dom Sister who always enjoys tormenting Rebecca could end up like this? I had to re-read the chapter just to make sure it wasn’t a joke. 

I don’t know if Cosmo will end up being a permanent addition or if he’ll turn back into Mosco, but I’m going to enjoy having him around. This is a new and interesting side to Sister!

Additionally, the flashback continues to reveal a little bit more about the Shining Stars past or past lives. Could Ether Therapy have a role to play in whatever happened in the past? I’m looking forward to finding out.

I Give “Cosmo” a 4/5. Bonus Points for the Look on Everyone’s Face at What Cosmo did to Sister

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