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Shiki Storms the Enemy Ship!

Edens Zero Chapter 259 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 259 Review/Recap

With the Edens One on their tail and the Dark Stars and Oracion Seis Galactica out in force, things aren’t looking for the Edens Zero. They’re facing the Dark Stars, the OSG, O.N.E. Void, and who knows what else all at once. And on top of that, Shiki’s storming the enemy ship on his own. That’s not going to end well!

Edens Zero Chapter 259 Cover Page
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


After Killer installed the self-destruct program inside the Edens Zero, everyone aboard realizes the ship has ten minutes until it explodes. To make matters worse, Wizard and Killer aren’t the only members of the Dark Stars on the Zero. Clown’s made into the infirmary, and since he was on the ship when it traveled to Universe Zero, he remembers everything. Declaring that he’s not there to fight them, but to end them, he knocks out almost everyone with a poison gas made to harm androids. The only one who’s safe is Happy, whose not a robot in this universe. 

Edens Zero Chapter 259-Lightning Law
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Meanwhile, Shiki launches his one-man assault on the Edens One, and finds it crawling with hordes of androids ready to meet him. They prove no match for Shiki, though, who proceeds to tear his way through the halls of the One. His advance only ceases when he faces an opponent that he can’t plow through: another member of the OSG, Lightning Law. After destroying the remaining androids, Lawn declares this ship will be his final destination.

Twenty-thousand years in the past, Ivry mutters the name “Shiki”, which Regret catches. Despite Ivry brushing it off as nonsense, Regret comments that it’s a good name.


Well, that took me a little off guard. 

To be honest, I had completely forgotten the fact that Clown had been aboard the Edens Zero when it jumped to Universe Zero. With everything that happened since then, it was the sort of thing that quickly got forgotten. Now I wish I hadn’t, as the fact that Clown does remember means he told Void everything. Thus, Void’s got an advantage since it knows what not to do! 

Some people might consider this a cheap attempt to raise the stakes, but it was a smart move on Mashima’s part. Taking a detail that readers likely forgot about and making it relevant down the line makes for good storytelling. Oda does it all the time in One Piece, and everyone loves him for it, so why can’t Mashima. In addition, the fact that Happy’s still organic in this universe suddenly became more important. I don’t know how, but it might be up to him to save everyone in the Infirmary.

As for Shiki, I hope that he doesn’t continue this assault on his own like he is. I remember what happened the last time he charged into a villain’s lair unprepared, and I don’t want a repeat against the OSG like Law.

Edens Zero Chapter 259-Regret and Ivry
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

As for the flashback, I’ve accepted that Mashima’s going to keep teasing us like this by keeping them at the end of every chapter. In a way, it helps build suspense. For example, why did past Ivry bring up Shiki’s name? Are events in the future echoing all the way back to the past somehow? Given how time travel’s a frequent part of Edens Zero, it’s possible. I only hope we get more of an explanation soon. Being kept in the dark for too long like this can hurt a story in the long run.

I Give “Storming the Edens One” a 3/5

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