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What’s This About Leonard?

Edens Zero Chapter 257-Dragon Attack

Edens Zero Chapter 257 Review/Recap

Just when the Edens Zero looks like it’s caught a break, it gets thrown back into the chaos. First, Pino passes out thanks to learning some major secret about the Shining Stars that renders her catatonic. Now, it turns out that they’re being followed. The mother of Dragons has returned, and the Dark Stars along with her! 


  • Edens Zero Chapter 257-Pino in a Coma
  • Edens Zero Chapter 257-Dragon Attack

As everyone frets over Pino, Witch picks up a red alert on the Edens Zero‘s sensors. Coming in from behind them is a massive horde of dragons, led by none other than Acnoella! Caught off-guard, the Edens Zero tries to fight back, only for their attacks to have no effect. Thus, to stall for time while Hermit comes up with a counter, Shiki and the others launch in their fighters to face the enemy head-on. Valkyrie heads out as well, aiming right for Acnoella. However, she’s countered by the prescence of Brigandine of the Dark Stars.

  • Edens Zero Chapter 257-Valkyrie Meets Brigandine
  • Edens Zero Chapter 257-Wizard Leonard

Things get worse from there. As the others try to get a grip on the situation, the ship starts going haywire. To Witch, Hermit, and Sister’s horror, their ship’s systems has been hijacked by an intruder: Wizard!

Meanwhile, in Pino’s memories of the past, Yuna and Brigandine speak about the man in the picture with her and her friends, AKA Wizard. His name is Leonard, Witch Regret’s fiance.

Edens Zero Chapter 257-Dragon Attack
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Oh no…..


Okay, Mashima, you need to stop teasing us like this!

To be honest, there’s not a lot to unpack with this chapter. I was surprised that we ran into Acnoella again so soon, and, honestly, it hasn’t been long enough. Remember, if things are the same in Universe 0 as in the previous timelines, then Acnoella’s still Elsie’s mother. Considering what she did in the previous timelines, I’m not happy to see her, and look forward to seeing her die again.

The real concern, though, is the reveal at the end. If the Leonard and Regret from the past are the people who become Witch and Wizard, then that means that Wizard’s about to kill his fiance. I have no idea what’s going on, but Mashima needs to start explaining things now. I hate not being able to figure out what’s going on.

I Give “Leonard” a 3/5

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