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A Major Revelation on ‘Edens Zero’ Changes Everything

Edens Zero Chapter 256 Cover

Edens Zero Chapter 256 Review/Recap

Hiro Mashima has a funny way of going about things with his stories. Right when you think that you’re losing interest in his manga, he hits you over the head with a plot twist. In this case, what Pino learned from her lost memories is bigger than many thought possible. It’s something that even calls into question the entire history of Edens Zero that’s been presented. 

Edens Zero Chapter 256 Cover
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics


As the Edens Zero travels into this mysterious new cosmos, they’re unsure if there’s any life there. The closest planet alone is larger and colder than anything they’ve encountered thus far. Regardless, Witch cautions everyone to be ready for anything as everyone prepares for what may come.

Edens Zero Chapter 256-Homura's Tears
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

Homura and Valkyrie discuss her death in all previous universes, with the latter wondering if her death would be necessary to set the course of history right. However, a tearful Homura refutes this, saying that she’s seen enough death in any reality. She just wants to live in a world that won’t make her cry, to which Valkyrie complies.

Meanwhile, Homura looks over Weisz’s Arsenal armor, which leads to a surprisingly tender moment between the two of them.

Edens Zero Chapter 256-Pino Passes Out
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

In the Spa of Edens, as Pino grapples with the weight of what she witnessed, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy arrive. Before she can tell them anything, though, Pino unexpectdly passes out! Shiki rushes her to Sister’s infirmary in a panic. As they do this, though, Pino’s mind (I think) focuses on what she had seen: memories of life 20,000 years ago with four women who look just like the Shining Stars.


Okay, I’m just going to get the minor stuff out of the way first. I liked how Mashima’s acknowledged the existence of the ship between Weisz and Hermit. There’s been many hints of them having feelings for each other, but this confirmed it. That might end up being a death flag, though, as is Homura’s conversation with Valkyrie.

However, the real meat of the chapter comes in the final moments. In the Kaede Cosmos Saga, Shiki saw memories of the Shining Stars and Dark Stars from a past that they didn’t remember. At the time, I believe I speculated that they might be memories of them from their past, or an alternate reality. As it turns out, it might be the former, but on a time span greater than I realized. If what we’re looking at is correct, then the Shining Stars, or the women who became their templates, lived on…present day Earth.

Edens Zero Chapter 256-The Past?!
Source-MangaSee, Kodansha Comics

No, I’m being serious. Look at the double-spread page. The streets signs say “Broadway.” They’re driving modern-day cars. The architecture matches up with New York. The signs are all there. Edens Zero could take place thousands of years into mankind’s future. The question is, how did things get this way?

Right now, all I know is that finding Mother will answer most of these questions. It’s not as epic or deep as the likes of One Piece, but this is the kind of plot twist I do like seeing. Good job, Mashima. You got my attention again with Edens Zero.

I Give “From Eternity Long Past” a 4/5

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