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Fionna Gets a Massive Reality Check in F&C

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 6-Fionna is Depressed

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Eps 5 & 6 Review

If the last four episodes of the Fionna and Cake miniseries have been the prologue, then the rest are the story proper. And just like the original show, the story is phenomenal. At the surface level, this trip across the multiverse seems like a fun, Isekai-style adventure. However, underneath the fantastical world lies boatloads of trauma and issues needing to be worked out. By the end of this week, Fionna’s gone through levels of trauma that took Finn several seasons to experience. It’s painful to watch, but also entertaining.

Farmworld Fallout

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 5-Farmworld Finn all Grown Up
Source-Max, Twitter

Having decided to find another version of the Ice King’s Crown, the trio of interdimensional fugitives set out into this new universe. What they don’t know is that they’ve landed in the Farmworld Universe, something that fans of the show should remember. Created by Prismo when Finn wished for the Lich to have never existed, this world’s Finn wielded the Crown for a long time. However, viewers will also remember that, out of pity, Prismo destroyed the Crown in that universe to free Finn. This basically makes their mission a dud from the start.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 5-Jay Got his Dad's Rizz
Source-Max, VGMarkis

The quest for the Crown isn’t the big draw of the episode, though, but the Farmworld itself. It’s gone full-blown Mad Max meets Fallout by this point, ruled by gangs and warlords. What’s more, Farmworld Finn is a guarded hermit, living alone with Jake and his three kids and wanting nothing to do with magic. Too bad for him, his oldest son, Jay, is dating the son of his old enemy Big Destiny, Little Destiny.

Getting to see how this world has progressed in the years since it’s creation is a delight. One of Adventure Time’s greatest strengths is the depth and complexity it gives its world, and the Farmworld is one of the most interesting versions. It’s also nice to see that, despite his trauma as the Snowman(that’s what they call him), Finn remains a good person, standing up for Fionna and Cake against Scarab. Too bad it’s all for naught, as they have to run again.

The Winter King is Bunk!

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 6-The Winter King
Source-Max, VGMarkis

If the Farmworld wasn’t interesting enough, it’s the next destination that takes everyone’s breath away. Fionna, Cake, and Simon end up in a universe where Simon and Bubblegum’s roles are swapped. This world’s Simon is the Winter King and managed to find a way to use the Crown without the madness, while Bonnie is the crazy one kidnapping him. 

Role-swapping is a common concept in fan fiction, but to see it on this level is mind-blowing. The level of love and detail put into this world is inspiring. And the Winter King and Candy Queen both get entertaining musical numbers. 

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 6-NIGHTMARE FUEL
Source-Max, Twitter

On the surface, this seems like Fionna and Cake’s dream world, with Fionna even experiencing chemistry with the Winter King. However, cracks start appearing when Simon notices a few things off with his counterpart. The indifference to Betty should’ve been a major red flag, but it’s not until this happens that the full extent of the Winter King’s crimes is revealed.

This world’s Simon transferred his madness onto this world’s Bubblegum against her will. As a result, she and her beloved citizens went crazy. What a wad!

Fionna Gets a Major Wake-up Call

As disturbing as this was for viewers, though, it’s nothing compared to what Fionna experiences. She thought she’d be getting the adventure she wanted, but all she did was maim innocent candy people that weren’t in their right mind. This revelation shakes Fionna to her core. 

Beyond that, though, these two episodes highlight another big difference between Fionna and Cake and Finn and Jake. Finn and Jake had years of experience being heroes, whereas Fionna and Cake and wannabes who don’t know what they’re doing. At this point, Fionna even questions if this is what she wants with her life.

Marshal Lee + Gary Gumball Forever

As all this is happening, the show picks back up in Fionna and Cake’s world with Gary Gumball and Marshall Lee. When Gumball shows up at Fionna’s apartment looking for her, he meets Marshall Lee for the first time. Shippers go wild as the two go on a mission to help Gumball perfect his baking craft. 

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Episode 6-The Lemoncarbs
Source-Max, Twitter

Besides serving as several more nods to how their world once was, and giving shippers plenty of fuel (and the genderbent Lemongrabs:)), there’s a good reason for this side plot. Even though their world’s no longer magical, it’s not boring. Gumball and Marshall Lee manage to bond over their shared love of his baking, and even have fun out and about. The point is, there’s still things that make their lives worth living. Things that Fionna never noticed for herself. Sooner or later, she’s going to have to figure that out.

I stand by what I said last week, guys. Fionna, Cake, and Simon all have a choice to make soon. Do they want to go back to the magical world they once knew, or are they willing to try something new? Something that, while not as overtly magical, still has value. 

Either way, I’m looking forward to next week.

I Give “Destiny” and “The Winter King” a 4/5 and a 5/5 Each

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