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Sentomaru Stands! Sumo Master vs Navy Admiral!

One Piece Chapter 1091 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1091 Review/Recap

After another two-week delay, One Piece is back in time for the live-action Netflix to make its debut. While the world watches the Netflix series, though, manga readers watch the chaos unfolding on Egghead Island. Admiral Kizaru’s managed to sneak past Vegapunk’s defenses and is poised to take down everyone in one fell swoop. Standing against him is his own student, Sentomaru. What follows is a clash that no one wanted to happen, but one that is still entertaining to watch. Sentomaru is a true warrior and a loyal ally of Vegapunk!


The Navy assault on Egghead Island’s begun in full! As Kizaru acts as the vanguard, the Navy Vice-Admirals fend off the Pacifista’s and Sea Beasts. In the dome, everyone’s horrified that the fighting’s already begun, with Vegapunk guilt-ridden that Sentomaru has to fight Kizaru. As the Admiral and bodyguard clash, they remember the day they met. Vegapunk and then Borsalino were sent to help a village with a bear problem, only for a young Sentomaru to have already beaten them. Impressed by his strength, Vegapunk hired the boy then and there as his bodyguard, and Borsalino trained him.

Sentomaru puts up a good fight, but in the end, Kizaru’s too strong for him, and he falls. As a result, Kizaru gains controls of the Pacifista’s, having them turn on the sea beasts before getting inside the Labo-phase. Worse, Lucci decides then to try and kill Vegapunk, only for Stussy to take the hit. This gives Zoro the chance to face him while Sanji traps Kaku in a bubble. 

As the Vegaforce-1 races to get the Thousand Sunny into position for their escape, Kizaru catches up with them. However, he’s stopped in his tracks by Luffy himself. Proclaiming himself stronger than he was two years ago, the Emperor and Admiral begin to clash!


Holy cow, this is awesome! One Piece is, once again, reaching peak levels! 

I was surprised to learn about Sentomaru’s backstory. I knew that he’d been Vegapunk’s bodyguard for a long time, but I had no clue that that was how they met. It’s easy to understand why he’s so loyal to Vegapunk, though. He accepted him when his hometown wouldn’t. Those who have had to make due without a place to call their own understand how big a deal that is. In addition, it also shows how close Sentomaru and Kizaru are. It only makes Kizaru’s actions all the more heartbreaking to watch. 

Meanwhile, Lucci has proven himself to be a true coward by trying to kill Vegapunk when the Straw Hat’s let their guard down. So much for promising to kill Luffy first. Regardless, it’s safe to say that Zoro will handle Lucci, so there’s no need to worry.

The real hook of the chapter, though, is the ending. I’ve been waiting for years now for Luffy to fight one of the Navy Admirals, and Kizaru is the perfect opponent. Given how strong Luffy is now, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll win against the man who gave him so much trouble at Saboady and Marineford. It’s payback time, Kizaru!

It’s disappointing that we have to wait another two weeks for the next chapter, but given the release of the live-action One Piece series is today, I’d say its a fair trade. Oda himself has been heavily involved in it, so that makes me optimistic about it. Fingers crossed, though!

In the meantime, expect my review for the live-action series either on here or on the D&A Anime Blog.

I Give “Sentomaru” a 4/5

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