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Mr Myx is Not to be Trusted!

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7-Mr Myx

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7 Review

Superman, Lois, and Jimmy have been through a lot in the short span of time they’ve known each other. They’ve dealt with supervillains, mad scientists, psycho robots, and trust issues. Lots and lots of trust issues. However, they’ve managed to come out on top and their relationship’s stronger than ever. Which only makes what happens in this episode an even bigger wake-up call. Not only does this episode introduce the multiverse far sooner than in most big superhero shows, but it’s proof. Proof that this show was written by nerds for nerds. 

Also, Ferb is voicing the villain!

All Clark Wants is a Perfectly Normal Date

Now that he doesn’t have to lie to Jimmy and Lois about being Superman, Clark is free to do what he wants: ask Lois out! And she happily accepts, putting the bo on cloud nine. In a humorous turn of events, his desire to create the perfect date proves that he’s just obsessive as Lois is. It’s one of those dorky treats that only serves to make him even more endearing, though. Jack Quaid was a great pick for Clark Kent/Superman. 

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Too bad for Clark, when you’re a superpowered alien, normal is but a fantasy. Enter Mr. Mxyzptlk, played to perfection by David Errigo Jr., AKA Ferb from Phineas and Ferb. By far the best part of this episode, this incarnation of Mr. Myx is every bit the embodiment of chaos he’s known for, but with a decidedly anime influence. He’s younger, more impish and snarky; in other words, a troll. He also provides the best call-back of the episode by turning Clark into different past incarnations of Superman, including the Fleischer and DCAU Superman. 

It’s this impish mischievousness, though, that only makes all the more terrifying when he, predictably, proves to be a villain. He dupes Clark into helping him rob a warehouse owned by a league of alternate Lois’.

The Alternate Lois’ Suck!!

Yes, you read that right. While the concept of an alliance of alternate versions of the same character is not a new concept, this might be the first time it involves Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen. While Lois’ trying to get ready for her date, the duo are approached by alternate versions of themselves who are after Mr Myx…and now Clark. And unlike them, they’re far more hostile to Superman.

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7-Kryptonite
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

A recurring theme in this show is the fact that so many people can’t understand that Superman’s helping people for the sake of it, and that he’s not evil. However, that line of cynical thinking has done more harm than good. It’s made the General think that Superman’s an enemy when he isn’t, and it makes the League of Lois’ attack Clark without even hearing them out.

To add to the wound, Lois discovers a sad truth: many of these alternate versions of herself are more successful than she is, and at much younger ages. Imagine how bad this could be for one’s self-esteem. 

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7-Kairi Lois
My Adventures With Superman Ep 7-Kairi Lois

In the end, things blow up when Mr Myx manages to get his hat/crown of power back, leading to a suitably shonen battle, but Lois and Clark manage to come out on top. Our Lois and Clark. Then they bail back to their universe before the other Lois’ and Jimmy’s can’t follow.

Too bad Mr Myx escapes right away.

Mr Myx Makes Best Episode Yet

This was, by and far, the best episode of the show to date. The villain was amazing, the lore was great, and the call-backs to the animated history of Superman were top-notch. If this doesn’t win the show an Emmy, then what will? 

However, not everything’s sunshine and roses. While the episode cements Clark and Lois as an item, Lois also learns a dark truth: not every Clark Kent out there will be good. And with Superman’s powers…we’ve seen Injustice, right? At the same time, the episode also introduces the trio to Kryptonite, and it’s deadlier than ever. This could spell a lot of problems going forward. Not to mention the fact that Mr Myx is still out there, and, having taken a special interest in this Lois (he calls her “the fun one,”) he’s going to be a problem.

My Adventures With Superman Ep 7-The Chaos of Mr. Myx
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Regardless, this was still the best episode of the series to date. 

I Give “Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal” a 5/5

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