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World Government Got One-Upped By the Straw Hats

One Piece Chapter 1089-The World Government Left a Void Where Lulusia is

One Piece Chapter 1089 Review/Recap

You know what makes the World Government such a great group of villains? There’s the fact that they’re willing to level entire islands and risk the safety of the world to cover up the fact that they’re built on a lie. They’ve made it clear time and again that they’ll let the world burn to stay in power. More than that, though, its the fact that almost every time they try and mess with Luffy and the Straw Hats, they lose. So even though this chapter shows they just create climate change on steroids, I can’t stop grinning. The Straw Hats have one-upped them once again. 

One Piece Chapter 1089 Cover Page
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


In Luffy’s hometown of Foosha village, everyone’s reacting to the news about Garp going missing. However, all that becomes secondary. A world-spanning earthquake and accompanying tsunamis sweep over the entire world. Devastation ensues as some islands are even swallowed by the sea. No one knows it, but this is the result of the erasure of Lulusia Kingdom. It’s destruction caused global sea levels to rise by a whole meter, leaving nothing but a massive waterfall underneath.

On Egghead Island, the Marines have finally arrived, and they’re not playing around:

  • 100 Warships
  • 30,000 Marines
  • 9 Vice Admirals from Navy HQ
  • 1 of the Five Elders

This massive force is led by Admiral Kizaru, with Saturn of the Five Elders overseeing everything secretly. Saturn even orders the ships of Egghead Island workers and researchers fleeing be sunk. At that moment, though, they get a call from Egghead Island from Punk York. As Kizaru listens in, York reiterates her wish to join the World Government as a Celestial Dragon, arguing she has no interest in the Void Century. The Elders start considering her offer so long as she can replicate the “Mother Flame” Vegapunk created. The Elders all agree to York’s demands, but there’s one tiny problem: the Straw Hats are still there. They’re all fine, Lucci’s fine, they’re all fine, and they’re holding York prisoner. The Navy and World Government are left in shock.

One Piece Chapter 1089-The Straw Hats One Up the World Government
Source-TCB Scans, Shonen Jump, Viz Media


Oh, World Government, when will you learn? Every time they end up picking a fight with the Straw Hat Pirates, they get humiliated. Even the few times they win, Luffy ends up turning that back around on them. When they got separated for two years, they got stronger. When Luffy failed to save Ace, he still embarassed them by raiding Marineford again. Even their attempt to kill Luffy in Wano backfired on them by unlocking Luffy’s true power. They should know better than to mess with him by now.

At least we know the World Government’s not playing around regarding Egghead Island. A fleet of 30K people and officers is the largest force they’ve mustered since Marineford. It’s even larger than the dreaded Buster Call. They’re even willing to sink the civilian ships fleeing. In addition, the aftermath of the destruction of Lulusia , with what I assume was the equivalent of a nuke, likely killed tens of thousands worldwide and put countless more lives in danger. And so many people have witnessed what happened, there’s no way they can keep the truth a secret after this. Many people will eventually discover what the World Government did and get angry. 

At any rate, the Straw Hats, Bonney, Vegapunk, and the others are okay, even Lucci (how is he even free?!?) So, that means they either beat the Seraphim or found a way to get them under control. While it stinks that we still don’t know how they win, that can wait for the next chapter. For now, I’m just glad that they did win. The World Government might have lost its new toys, enough to make waiting another two weeks worth it!

I Give “Under Siege” a 4.5/5

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