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Joker Helix, Who The Heck Are You?!?

Edens Zero Chapter 249 Cover Page

Edens Zero Chapter 249 Review/Recap

So, Joker Helix. We don’t know anything about them beyond the fact that they’re a B-Cuber whose online prescence got wiped clean. I have my suspicions about who they might be, but until we see them in person, they remain inconclusive. However, that doesn’t stop them from breaking into a secure location and trying to kill Rebecca for some reason. Alone and naked, Rebecca’s forced to fight for her life against the mysterious Joker Helix!

Edens Zero Chapter 249 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Edens Zero Chapter 249-Rebecca Under Attack

As Rebecca watches as everything around her remains frozen in time, she’s left alone with her mysterious attacker. Also, she’s out in the freezing cold without any clothes, the former of which is keeping her from using her Ether Gear. As Rebecca continues to dodge the attacks, she realizes their powers must be similar to hers. Left with no choice, Rebecca makes a break from her attacker (who she sees is labeled “Joker”) into the building where it’s warmer. And to grab a towel to cover herself with.

Edens Zero Chapter 249-Rebecca Flees from Joker

Joker chases her deeper into the building, with Rebecca struggling to avoid getting hit. However, once she’s warmed up enough, she manages to turn the table on Joker, taking her down with her Ether Gear Overdrive! When Joker tries to get up and keep fighting, though, she’s shot right through the head by someone new. Said newcomer tells Rebecca that this wasn’t the real Joker, but an alter ego of theirs, and one of Void’s minions. Rebecca’s shocked, though, to see her savior is none other than Professor Weisz!


Edens Zero Chapter 249-Professor Weisz
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

I have so many questions right now! How is Joker able to use the same powers that Rebecca has (or had?) For that matter, how is Professor Weisz able to move when time is frozen? Sadly, this chapter seemed less intent on providing answers than with questions.

I still stand by my theory that Joker Helix is the Universe Zero version of Labilia. I know that Rebecca said she didn’t want to bring Couchpo or Labilia back into this mess, but it seems too good to pass up! It would add a sense of drama to the final battle against O.N.E. Void. Rebecca would have to fight to save her friend from evil, or fight to stop her. That’s the kind of opportunity that can’t be passed up!

As far as chapters go, this is one of the ones where Mashima went nuts with the fanservice. At least he’s consistent in that regard, for better or or worse. I’m just hoping that the next chapter will better explain what’s going on, and how Professor Weisz is there. And that he’s not evil.

I Give “Within the Stillness of Time” a 3/5

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  1. Yeah. the Fanservice went crazy this week. How do you fall cleavage first into someone? And did he HAVE to draw Feather in 3 separate panels Last week? NO- but he did. My big concern is how Rebecca consistently walks around with just a towel on at times. Like when she and Connor went to meet with Rachel. That, uh……. that probably wasn’t the best time to be wearing just a towel.
    Remember back during Muller’s Deception when everybody was saying that Rebecca wasn’t buying, and everybody starting talking about how well written and intelligent she is- only for Mashima to have he fall for it? This chapter shows her off in a better light than that.
    I was thinking that, too!! As soon as I saw the design last week, I was like “Oh, it’s DEFINITELY Labilia.” Though I don’t know why she’d be working with Void against Humanity. Then again; Acnoella and Cure are still about and have joined up with Void, too, so……. eh.
    Pr Weisz and our Weisz are finally about to meet!! I wonder Weisz’ life went in Universe 0? His mom was still alive, and things seem to have been going well with Sibir, so there was no reason to steal that money, meaning he likely never lost his arm to Drakken.

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