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MAWS Just Changed the Superman-Lois Dynamic, and Its Incredible

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-They Did the Thing!

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4 Review

We’re only four episodes into My Adventures With Superman, or MAWS, and already the character dynamics are starting to change. For example, while Clark and Lois continue to grow closer, the latter remains as suspicious as ever about Superman. She knows that he’s hiding something, and even though Clark hates lying to her, he’s too scared to tell her the truth. She’s too skeptical at the idea that someone wants to help others for the sake of it, and so is this week’s villain. Superman’s biggest enemy in this series might be the cynicism of those around him, as he soon finds in this episode. 

Finally, a Real Reporting Job (Sort of)

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-Lois and Clark
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

As the Daily Planet trio continues their investigation of Superman (and Clark keeps trying to throw Lois off his trail), they get news from Perry White. The good news is that he’s giving them a real assignment, a chance to prove themselves. The bad news is that involves attending a party held by the CEO of AmazoTech, Anthony Ivo. That, and they have to use soft-hitting questions about Ivo, “Metropolis’ Most Eligible Bachelor.” This does not sit well with Lois, who sees this as a chance to ask hard-hitting questions to the most powerful people in the city. However, all she manages to do is annoy everyone present. Clark does little better, either. 

It isn’t until he gets the chance to talk to Dr. Ivo that he gets better.

Given how he’s a villain in the comics, Ivo is pegged by Clark as a jerk from the start. The fact that he threatens a board member in front of him, tries to bribe him with women, and then insults Lois only cinches it for everyone. Why he may be, but Clark will not tolerate anyone insulting his friends. 

Besides being super sweet, the party does give Clark and Lois moments to get closer, and Clark learns how rough she had it growing up. She moved around a lot, lost her Mom at a young age, and is very much estranged with her father. Her determination to be a reporter stems from that need to prove her Dad wrong, as well as why she knows Superman is lying. Which only thinks harder come the ending of the episode. 

Cynicism of Parasite vs Idealism of Superman 

It turns out that Ivo’s big announcement for the night is a suit straight out of Gurren Lagann made from the tech Livewire stole. The Parasite suit, as he calls it, is a weapon meant to stand up to Superman. Ivo is so selfish and cynical that he’s convinced that Superman’s only doing this stuff to look good. If this were the universe of The Boys, he would be right. But he’s not.

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-Parasite Looks like Lazengann
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Herein lies the conflict of the episode: cynicism vs idealism. Both Lois and Ivo think Superman’s only being a hero because he has something to gain. It seems like everyone’s so cynical that they can’t imagine someone just helping others. Even after Superman chooses to get Ivo help when his suit leaves him horribly disfigured, Ivo is still thinking Superman’s doing this because it benefits him. That’s when Superman tells Ivo to look around him and asks, “Is it that hard to believe that some people just want to help?”

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-That's Why Superman is Great
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

That moment there is why Superman remains such a great hero. In a time where superheroes are being deconstructed and people are more distrustful than ever, Superman stands for everything good about humanity. Given how our world is right now, we all need more people like Superman, and this could prove that to Metropolis.

Too bad Superman’s own life might be taking a nosedive.

Cracks Are Already Forming

It was hinted by previews that at some point, Jimmy and Lois would learn Clark’s identity as Superman. However, this episode made that happen far sooner than I think anyone expected. 

My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-Poor Jimmy
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

In the aftermath of the party, Lois is finishing her story when she comes across a tabloid running a story about a mysterious “flying boy” from Kansas fifteen years ago. That’s when she starts putting all the dots together and realizes the truth: Clark Kent is Superman. In a lot of incarnations, Lois eventually finds out, but the fact she does this so early is a game-changer. Given how she knew Superman was hiding soemthing, she’s not validated her suspicions, but it’s likely she feels betrayed by Clark. That could hurt any relationship the two have, and at such an early stage, that could be disastrous.

There are other cracks forming, too. Throughout the episode, Jimmy’s tried to act like this was three best friends working together. However, he realizes seeing Clark and Lois walking home together that he’s a third wheel. Learning Clark is Superman could only make him feel worse about himself.

The fact is, the trio’s about to have their relationship put to the test, one it may not survive. While some might see this as happening too soon, getting this stuff out of the way early on could be beneficial for the series in the long run. I, for one, at looking forward to seeing what happens next episode. 

Oh, one last thing. I’ve been making reaction videos to each episode, so if you want to see more, enjoy!

I Give “Let’s Go to Ivo’s Tower, You Say” a 4.5/5

Stray Observations

  • How cute is Lois’ party dress?
My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-Lois and Clark
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max
  • They did the pose!
My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-They Did the Thing!
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max
  • Who here bets that “Alex” is really Lex Luthor? 
My Adventures With Superman Ep 4-Alex, or Lex?
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

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