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Lois Is One Determined Reporter!

My Adventures With Superman Ep 3-Superman and Lois

My Adventures With Superman Ep 3 Review

The fans have spoken: My Adventures With Superman is an absolute blast. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are fun, and the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously thus far feels like a breath of fresh air for DC. One of the best aspects of this show, though, is seeing Superman grow into his role in front of our eyes. He doesn’t have everything figured out, especially regarding his relationship with Lois. Speaking of Lois, she remains more determined than ever to learn about Superman, much to Clark’s dismay.

Lois Refuses to Get Scooped

At the end of last week’s premiere, Lois, Jimmy, and Clark’s byline about Superman got published in The Daily Planet. Instead of getting the respect they’re due, Lois is outraged to learn Editor Perry White gave credit to “The Scoop Troop,” a trio of senior reporters that get assigned the Superman beat. Besides 2/3rds getting played up like they’re Team Rocket, but lamer, they add insult to injury by stealing all their research. And Lois’ coffee. 

My Adventures With Superman Ep 3-The Dorks
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Few things are as frustrating in work as seeing yourself get passed over to do a job you’re qualified for in favor of someone who isn’t. And besides one person, the Scoop Troop isn’t qualified at all. Lois being Lois, though, won’t admit defeat. And, much like in the first episode, she’s willing to disregard those in charge to do so. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t involve potentially getting her friends in trouble.

These first few episodes have done an excellent job establishing Lois’ personality: she’s determined and supremely confident in herself. While those are admirable qualities, they come at the expense of disregarding what those around her want. She even admits to Clark that she plans on telling everyone what Superman would say to her, not caring what he wants. Hence, Clark keeps ducking her when she tries to interview him as Superman. 

Insecurities and Intergang Reign

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Clark dealing with his newfound role as Superman. He’s still figuring out what he is and how he should interact with the people of Metropolis, a far cry from the hero who projects confidence to everyone. Not helping matters is that he remains torn between wanting to help Lois but also being unwilling to open up to her as his alter-ego. This only gets harder as the chemistry between Lois and Clark becomes more obvious than it already is as they investigate the villains of the week

Clark does make some progress in becoming open with Lois, though. While he does scold her for swiping the Scoop Troop’s IDs (and the keycard to the prison warden they visit), he can’t help but get impressed. These are the kind of moments that make shippers go nuts: two people bringing out the best in each other. It’s why Clark and Lois Lane are one of the best couples in fiction.

Besides his insecurities, Clark has to deal with another issue as he develops more of the familiar powers everyone knows. In this case, heat vision. While still awesome, the show chooses to play it up for drama, to great effect. Clark has no clue what’s happening to him and thus panics as his new power sets in. It isn’t until Lois and Jimmy are in danger from the Intergang that he gains control over them. That’s good character writing: giving them a new power that requires an emotional catalyst to control!

Intergang Was just the Start of Superman’s Rogue Gallery.

As for the villains of the episode, the Intergang, they are enjoyable to watch. Using the tech that Livewire spread around Metropolis, they’re determined to go from being two-bit criminals into villains to be feared. In this way, they’re a good foil to the Daily Planet trio: they’ve got big aspirations, but no one takes them seriously due to their shortcomings. Case in point, their stolen tech backfired on them and threatens to destroy Metropolis.

Even though Superman takes them down in the end, and they’re taken into custody by a disguised Slade, I don’t want this to be the last we see of the Intergang. They’re an entertaining group of villains with good team chemistry. Plus, if it weren’t for them, Superman never would’ve decided to reach out to Lois. 

My Adventures With Superman Ep 3-Superman Opens up to Lois
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Too bad Lois knows Superman is lying.

I See a Lot of Drama in the Works

If it wasn’t obvious already, this show will have a good amount of drama. Lois is smart enough to know that Superman’s hiding something. This makes her more determined to learn about him, much to Clark’s concern. There’s a chance that the Lois and Jimmy in this show might end up learning Clark is Superman. That would make a great twist! In addition, there’s the fact that Lois seems to be falling for Superman like she often does. If that happens, she might get stressed over the perceived love triangle.

To put it bluntly, this show is fantastic. It’s a must-watch for Superman fans, and it’s only getting started. 

I Give “My Interview With Superman” a 4/5

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