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Elsie is Back and Happy Now?

Edens Zero Chapter 247-The Four Directors of the IUA

Edens Zero Chapter 247 Review/Recap

At this point, I can say with confidence that the Edens Zero Reunion Arc is over. As entertaining as it was to see how much better everyone’s lives seemed to be in Universe Zero, it got old fast. Thankfully, this chapter marks the last of the expected major reunions, and it’s a big one. Elsie and James make their return, and unlike before, their relationship is much happier.

It almost feels like Mashima regrets how bleak things were getting. 

Edens Zero Chapter 247 Cover Page
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee


Having met with Nadia and learned that Noah is the director of the IUA in the Sakura Cosmos, the Crew of Edens’ surprise only gets greater. In this Universe, Rachel serves as the IUA’s director in the Yukino Cosmos. Connor already found her and helped her regain her memories, too. As for the director of the Kaede Cosmos, everyone’s surprised to find that it’s none other than Elsie! She and James are alive and their relationship is better than ever. 

Edens Zero Chapter 247-Rebecca's Resolve
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

With the four directors of the IUA now assembled, they get down to business. The Edens One and ONE Void are a threat they can’t ignore, and it’s made it way to the Yukino Cosmos. It’s looking for Mother Ether. The EDENS Zero is the only ship that can defeat it, so they ask for the Crew’s help. The Crew of EDENS doesn’t hesitate, saying they always planned to fight ONE. With the IUA’s promise to aid them, the Crew of Edens Zero prepares to depart. Their destination: the Yukino Cosmos!


Well, that was a surprise. I thought that there might be a chance that we would see Elsie and James again, but part of me hoped that we wouldn’t. I thought that what happened to them in the previous World was a satisfying, if sad, ending to their story. Perhaps Mashima chose to bring them back because their relationship was so negatively received by readers (myself included). Even more surprising is that their associates also returned, even Jesse. At least this version isn’t a little jerk!

The other big surprise that I was happier to see, though, is that Rachel’s not considered a criminal in Universe Zero. Moreover, she managed to control her church’s nonsense, so she doesn’t have to worry about Rebecca’s safety, at least not from the Church of Saintfire. The Edens One is another matter entirely, but the IUA seems to be focusing on gathering as many allies as possible to stop it and the ONE Void. 

In hindsight, while it may seem like a slogfest, I think the Edens Zero Reunion Arc’s purpose was to bring back all the previous characters to prepare us for the final battle. Shiki will need help from friends and former enemies alike if he wants to stop ONE Void from ending all life in the multiverse. From a storytelling perspective, this arc served as a means to remind readers who’s who in preparation for the final battle. If that’s the case, then good job Mashima. I only wish it hadn’t taken so long.

Edens Zero Chapter 247-Andrew is Alive
Source-Kodansha Comics, Mangasee

At least in this reality, Nadia and Andrew got their happy ending.

I Give “To the Field of Battle” a 3/5

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