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‘My Adventures With Superman’ is Man of Steel’s Best in Decades!

My Adventures With Superman Promo

My Adventures With Superman Eps 1 & 2 Review

When I first heard about DC’s latest animated cartoon about Superman, I had the same reaction many fans did: “Lois and Jimmy look like adult versions of Luz and Gus from The Owl House!” The uncanny resemblance to the characters from the popular Disney Show helped drum up a lot of interest in the then-upcoming series, all leading up to its premiere on Adult Swim this past Friday. And while it’s only two episodes in, My Adventures With Superman is blowing people away. Fans are raving about it on Twitter and how amazing the cast, music, and animation is, and i wholeheartedly agree. I may get flak for it, but this may legitatemely be the best animated Superman since Superman: The Animated Series.

Let’s dive into this new, amazing, anime-inspired show.

Clark, Lois, and Jimmy, Young Reporters Looking to Make their Mark

After an opening flashback to the time in Clark Kent’s life when he discovered his powers, the series premiere wastes no time in establishing the idenities of the central trio. And right off the bat, they do something right by making them different from most incarnations of the trio. 

My Adventures With Superman S1 Ep 1-Clark Kent is Adorkable
He is so adorkable! Source-YouTube, Warner Bros, Max

Firstly, we have Clark Kent, voiced to dorky perfection by Jack Quaid, AKA Hughie from The Boys. Whereas most versions of Superman are this invincible man of tomorrow that usually knows what to do, Clark here is the opposite. He’s dorky, socially awkward, and he’s still trying to get a handle on his powers and just wants to live a normal life. Did we mention he’s also a stuttering mess around Lois, and it’s adorable?

My Adventures With Superman S1 Ep 2-The Intrepid Reporter Duo
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Next, we have Jimmy Olsen, who’s Clark’s best friend and roommate. Like Lois, fans have joked that Jimmy’s like Gus Porter from The Owl House, and from what we see in the two-part premiere, the show’s not doing anything to dissuade that notion. He’s energetic, loves having the spotlight and getting attention, and he’s into conspiracies about stuff that others consider weird or crazy. He also ships Clark and Lois.

My Adventures With Superman Intro-LOL We Ship Them!
Source-YouTube, Warner Bros, Max

Lastly, we have Lois Lane, or as fans call her, “Luz Lane” and “Lois Noceda.” The comparisons between this version of Lois and Luz from The Owl House have turned out to be spot-on. Unlike other versions, this version of Lois is a younger, energetic tomboy eager to prove her mettle as a reporter (she’s just an intern, though.) Like Luz, though, she tends to get in over her head and get in trouble with the boss. Worse, she’s not above lying to Clark and Jimmy to help them uncover a story, something that Clark calls her out on halfway through the first episode. Character flaws aside, this might be my favorite version of Lois of all time. 

Giving Superman a Suitable Introduction

My Adventures With Superman S1 Ep 1-The EVA's
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Besides the romantic tension between Lois and Clark and Lois risking trouble with the boss, the main conflict from the premiere stems from two things. The first and most obvious is the group of criminals, led by Livewire, who’ve made off with military-grade robots. In keeping with the anime-style, the robots are dead-ringers for the EVA’s from Evangelion, and are just as dangerous. Despite Clark’s best efforts to avoid not doing so, he ends up having to use his powers to save Lois and Jimmy from certain death. While he succeeds, he puts himself right on Lois’ radar, as she dedicates her time in the next episode to finding out who this “Superman” is. 

Herein lies the second half of the premiere’s main conflict. Unlike most versions of Superman, this Clark knows next to nothing about who he is and where he came from. When he finds the…ship that brought him to Earth, he can’t even understand what it’s saying. The best he gets is images of his homeworld’s destruction. For the longest time, he’s avoided learning more about himself, but when Lois and Jimmy start looking for him, he has no choice but to find answers. He doesn’t fully understand them, but even Superman had to start from somewhere.

As a side note, having the moment Clark gains his iconic costume play out like the Sailor Moon transformation is brilliant.

A Promising Start to the Man of Steel’s Return to the Silver Screen

It’s been two decades since the Man of Tomorrow had his own TV show, so there was going to be a lot of expectations on it as things stand. In true Superman fashion, My Adventures With Superman not only meets those expectations, but blows them out of the water.

My Adventures With Superman S1 Ep 1-The Anime Influences
Source-Twitter, Warner Bros, Max

Everything about this premiere is enough to get people pumped. The animation is the perfect blend of anime and western art styles. The main characters are memorable and stand out, even when compared to other versions of themselves. The chemistry between them is solid, with Clark serving as an excellent straight man to Lois and Jimmy’s more eccentric personalities. Plus, the fact that so many fans of The Owl House have flocked to it by virtue of Lois and Jimmy (and acting) like Luz and Gus means it has a solid start to a fanbase. I think I’m in love with this show!

The best part is that the ending hints at the challenges that Superman will face as he’s starting out. Chief among them, there was the surprise appearance of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Amanda Waller, and Task Force X. AKA the Suicide Squad. All of that should perk people’s interest!

To sum everything up: I think this show is amazing, Lois Lane is my favorite character, and this might be Superman’s best since The Animated Series. It’s a must-watch for the summer. In fact, I’m going to be make reaction videos of the series.

I Give “Adventures of a Normal Man, Pt. 1 and Pt 2.” 5/5 Each

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